Espresso Life
Derrick. Portuguese. 9teen. Pisces. NH.
Magician. Psalms 3:5-7. Call me. Really. These are my thoughts,
and things I couldn't say the first time.Sonder is cool. Put happy on your bucket list. If you're reading this far, lets get coffee/tea/both. FYI My 1st girlfriend broke up with me because she thought she was falling in love w/me. after 5 years of being single,
I found someone...
and she broke my heart
in just a matter of months
//read some poems in .more.

Is it common to get an itching feeling, where you wish that someone burns their tongue, countless times a day for a month straight so they can only remember what they tasted before the burn. Because that’s what it feels like when you can’t taste that blissfulness comfort anymore. When you can’t taste the prefect mesh of galaxies colliding with your tongue. When you can’t wake up next to that person and taste something like the most prefect sip of morning tea. So I ask is it common to look at the sky while on these tracks to the end of the tunnel, and wish something like this. The loss of taste. So that the only taste that will be stuck to their mind, like a rainbow of gum stuck to the bottom of an 8th grade desk, will be the way the words they said tasted bad in their chamber of a mouth. Or the way it tasted to be tongue tied, while each little taste bud cried out “don’t do it.” But that sea of saliva was swallowed anyway, and latched onto the back of their esophagus, and set up camp like a sore throat. So back to that itching feeling, I guess it’s a common thing.


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